Meet ABX – The #1 Aviation Billing Solution

ABX creates an accurate baseline for billing operations by processing the collected flight information using a tailored set of rules and conditions. Invoicing using accurate flight information reduces time spent on resolving disputes and results in quicker payments.

ABX automatically generates and distributes detailed invoices directly to your customers according to your established billing schedule or on-demand. By streamlining the billing process from data collection to invoice generation, combined with ABX’s self-service payment portal, the average time to get paid per invoice is greatly reduced.

  • Automated data collection from any ATC/ATM provider

  • Custom configuration of billing rules and exceptions

  • Customer Portal to enter flight plans, view account information and invoices, and make payments

  • Automated email invoicing and payment reminders

  • Export billing information to all common financial accounting systems

  • Multi-currency management

  • Customized statistical reporting and analysis with auditing capabilities

  • Prepaid billing for General Aviation

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