Meet RWX – The #1 Airside Inspection Platform

Airport inspection is a critical and mandatory requirement for the airport operator to ensure safety. Still to this day, airport inspections are primarily conducted using paper-forms, checklists and spreadsheets which are cumbersome, prone to error and inefficient.

SkyWare RWX simplifies the daily inspection process for airport operators by digitizing the inspection process from end-to-end. RWX completely replaces manual paper-based inspections and stores all inspection data in a centralized location that can be accessed anywhere at anytime. To manage workflow, RWX allows the airport operator to generate actions and work orders to ensure that any non-compliances are monitored and resolved.

RWX only requires a device and an internet connection to enable airport operators to enter airfield inspection information in real-time.

  • Meet ICAO Annex 14 and FAA Part 139 for Airfield Inspection Standards

  • The easiest way to become ICAO GRF compliant

  • Organized web forms provide mistake-free data entry

  • Highly Secure Interactions
  • Create actionable data

  • Web-based to provide easy access

  • Expandable platform to quickly connect others

  • Reduced costs, no hardware necessary

  • Fewer mistakes that improve safety & efficiency

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